Sew-With-Me: Evie La Luve Frankie Panties

Ah the granny panty. The comfy panty. The period panty. The sleeping panty.

Whatever you call them, most of us have them and we love them though we don’t want people to ever see them or know how much we love them. But they don’t have to be something that we hide, comfy panties can be just as pretty to look at as the rest of our lingerie drawer, especially for those of us that are able to sew our very own! My personal go to for comfy, every day panties is style five of Evie La Luve’s Frankie panties. This are a nice full coverage, a side waistband, and are super comfortable for both everyday and all of the lounging we usually associate with this “kind” of panties.

The Frankie panty pattern can be made classic, and simply like I am showing here or lacy and sexy. There are many different views included in the one pattern giving it great bang for your buck! I shared a few different lacy versions, all from Phee fabrics on SewUprising if you are interested in checking out more of what this pattern can do!

For this simper version all you are going to need is your favorite shade of Phee circular knit, a six inch square scrap of cotton panty liner fabric, and some trusty fold over elastic.

Begin by assembling your pattern pieces and cutting out a front, back, and crotch piece from your circular knit, as well as a crotch piece from your lining scrap.

Begin by lining the short edges of the crotch piece and the front piece up right sides together. the place the crotch lining, right side down against the wrong side of the front piece. Stitch along that edge.

Roll the front piece down, in between the two crotch pieces, next to the seam. Place the back piece in between the crotch pieces, lining up the short edges. Stitch in place, being sure not to catch excess fabric in your stitching. Pull the front and back pieces through one side of the crotch pieces, both seams should now be fully enclosed. Press the seams flat.

Fold the panties in half, matching rise seams, with right sides together. Stitch the side seams, turn right side out and press.

Apply 1/2 inch fold over elastic to both leg openings. This video from Evie LA Luve shows how to do this very well if you have never worked with FOE before.

Optional step: Cut a piece of 2.5″ stretch lace to the same width of your waist opening. Stitch the two short ends together to form a loo[ and slip over the top of the waist opening. Pin and then baste in place 1/8 of an inch away from the top edge. Trim off any excess on top.

Apply FOE to the waist opening in the same fashion that you did for the leg openings.

Give the whole things a good press (using a pressing cloth!) and your pretty, comfy new everyday panties are ready for wear! Make yourself a few pairs, you’ll be glad you did later!

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