The Easiest Hack for Panty-Pizazz

It has taken me 32 years to accept a truth that I’ve fought so hard to reject. And…that truth is:


Sad face. Because of my shortness, I am picky about my panty and bikini patterns. In fact, I’ve become so irrationally picky that I now draft my own. So, the pattern that I will be using to demonstrate this super easy hack is my own self drafted sport’kini pattern.

BUT! Fret not my dears! This pattern hack is so easy that you can apply it to almost any basic panty or bikini pattern block.

Have I piqued your interest, yet? You’re probably asking yourself, “What the eff is this short chick talking about!?”

Well today, I am going to show you how you can alter any panty/bikini block to incorporate contrast hip panels.

For my hip panels, I used Phee Fabrics camo powernet. The body of the panty is composed of leftover Phee supplex (which is absolutely luscious!). The crotch lining is actually Phee’s nude swimwear lining.




Easy Pattern Hack Tutorial:

Pictured below is my simple bikini block. I chose this pattern over other available panty patterns because 1. I’m short and it fits my shortness, and 2. although I am a shameless VPL (visible panty line) offender, I prefer this cheeky cut because it doesn’t split my glutes into weird sections. But, again, this hack can be applied to any basic panty/bikini pattern!


The first step is to choose how you would like to split up your pattern. For the sake of variation, I’ll show different dimensions than what I actually used for my panty.

So, from the centerline of your front panty pattern, measure and mark a point 1.5″ away from the centerline and above the waistband. Then, about a third of the way down your front panty pattern, measure and mark a point 2″ away from the centerline.

Note: These numbers are truly arbitrary. Just make sure that your second mark is outside of the body of the pattern.

Connect the two points and separate the pieces.


Then, add seam allowances to your cut edges. I typically work with 3/8″ seam allowances, but you could use anywhere between 1/4″ to 5/8″.


Simple so far, right? The final step is to repeat for the back piece:


Et Voila!

Easy peasy! This simple hack is a great way to add variety and pizazz to your panty or bikini collection! Try it out. And, don’t be afraid to be daring! I still have quite a bit of camo powernet left, so I definitely want to try this hack by making the solid pieces smaller.

But, for now, this pair is perfect and comfy for my workouts! And I feel like they kind of match my favorite shirt:


Yes, I’m 32 years old and this Ninja Turtles shirt is still my favorite 🙂


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