SAXX Hack for the COMOX Trunks

I wanted to do a follow up photo blog describing how to achieve the SAXX ‘sack’ hack in the COMOX Trunks. There is the video on youtube but sometimes with using black fabric and the camera being a little bit too far away it might be hard to see.

Altering the pattern piece

First you’re going to want to download the FREE extra gusset pattern piece in the Stitch Upon a Time facebook group files. These pattern piece is drafted for the BOXERWEAR but also works well with the COMOX. The boxerwear have a higher rise than the comox so first we need to cut the pattern piece down. I aligned the outer curved edge of the SUAT pattern piece with the outside curve of the comox pouch pattern piece and cut down the height of the SUAT piece to match. For Travis’ size it was about 1/4 inch from both the top and the bottom.

Assembling the SAXX ‘sack’

sack with picot

There are two options for finishing the inside edge of the sack piece. You can either set your machine up to do a rolled hem using woolly nylon or you can us the picot plush elastic. I haaaaate taking needles out of my serger so I naturally went for the picot option.

With the plush side facing up align the straight edge of the elastic (not scalloped) with the straighter edge of your sack pattern piece on the RIGHT side and stitch together. Then you are going to flip the picot under so only the scalloped edge can be see from the right side. Then these sack pattern pieces are complete.

You’ll notice that the more narrow end of the sack piece is the top and the wider end of the sack piece will go on the bottom of the trunks.

Putting the pouch together

pouch final

Travis’ prefers to have the pouch without the accessibility option. To achieve this I cut four of the whole pouch piece without the cutout (where you would add the binding). Then with right sides together I stitch them together along the curve and repeated for the other set.

Now the pouch pieces are complete. To enclose the center seam this way I just put them wrong sides together, baste around the outside, and treat as one.

The longer straight edge of the pouch pieces are the top with the more narrow end being the bottom.

Enclosing seams using the accessibility pouch

If you’re using the accessibility option (how the pattern is drafted) and you want to have the center pouch seams enclosed you’re going to need to cut two of the same pattern piece for the cut out piece and the other full pouch piece. As drafted it says to cut two mirrored pieces of each one but this doesn’t allow for the center seam to be enclosed. If you cut two the same way when you face wrong sides together to complete the pouch, enclosing the seams, the access points will be on opposite sides.

Attaching the sack to the pouch

final sack

The curved edge of your sack pieces can now be attached (basted or clipped) to the outside curve of the basted pouch pieces. Remember that the smaller end of the sack piece is the top and the exposed side of the plush elastic should be facing the pouch. The pouch piece is now attached to the sack piece and you’ll assemble the rest of the pattern as the directions say.


dont let the sack catch

When you’re attaching the gusset to the front of the comox trunks make sure to double check that your sack pieces are laying in the right direction. It’s really easy for them to get folded under and sewn on the wrong way.

Attaching the leg binding

For the legs I did a single fold bias. I cut the piece at 80% of the leg opening by 1.25 inches and it seemed to work perfectly for the rayon spandex. First I quartered each of the legs as well as the bands. Then matching up the quarter points with right sides together I serged around with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. After doing that I took the raw edge of the bias and folded it up and over the serged seam. From there I just topstitched using a zig zag stitch from the right side. You could also use a double needle or a coverstitch machine for this and it’d work even better!

I hope this helps clear up any confusion and if you have any questions please just ask!


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