Panty Empowered

Potty training – not for the faint of heart! When I finally decided it was time to start teaching this new skill to my 3 year old, I was terrified. I cried more than I care to admit, but in the end it was definitely harder for me than my son (a mothers worry is FIERCE!!)

So what does all this have to do with sewing? So many people told me, and I thought this would be the “Golden Ticket” to success, “Just let him pick out some fun undies and he will be so motivated and never want to mess them up.” Sounds easy, right?

I did what any mama would do and ran right out and bought those undies. But them I put them on him and I could barely get those suckers on him! How in the world was he going to learn to pull up his own pants or pull them down in time to make it to the potty?!?!

My obvious next thought, which would have sounded insane to me a few years ago before I knew how to sew, was to make them myself. BEST DECISION!

Making undies for kids, and adults alike, takes hardly any fabric, sews up super quick and fit and feel better than anything you can buy in the store. I had bought the SUAT Kids Scundies a while back with plans to make training pants a while before starting and of course that never happened in time. I just went right to making big boy undies. I told my son about it and he got to pick out fabric – ok, he got to approve the fabric I had already picked out but he felt in charge, LOL

clone tag: -6141277660177420676

I had scraps from a tank and t-shirt I made him and my husband back in June from Phee Fabrics. The oatmeal rayon spandex is so soft, perfect for little tushies (big ones too!) From cut to sew, two pairs were done in under an hour and he loves them! The best part is that he can get them on and off himself. Knit waistbands and soft, stretchy fabric is perfect for little hands trying to learn a new motor skill of maneuvering clothes – super important when you are trying to empowering kids to be independent and avoid accidents from getting “mucked up” with difficult clothes.

And an added bonus – the cutest little undies ever!!!


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