Support and Style


When it comes to workout wear I used to only care about the style – Is it trendy and cute? Do I love the color? Will I look put together at the gym? The problem with Ready-to-Wear workout wear, even the pricey stuff, often times the style is fun and funky, but the function falls flat (and so do other things!)

Enter Phee Fabrics and the incredible power of  Powernet!!! (said in my best super hero announcer voice)


I usually tend to follow the rules – linings on the inside for support and function, fabric on the outside for style. With Powernet you can have your support and see it too! The Coral Powernet was just too pretty to hide so I went to hacking up some of my favorite patterns from Petite Stitchery to make this Powernet really shine like the star it is.

First up is the Swanky Tank (ad). I shortened the top by approximately 8 1/2″ and used the original curved hem. Then I took the back piece and added a 2″ wide panel to show off this soft Coral Powernet.



This is the deep cut arm, super fun for a workout top to give some extra movement. I also love that this works for the gym and beyond. Paired with denim shorts, it was the perfect sporty and casual look I love for lazy summer days.


And then onto the leggings, Petite Stitchery Fusion Leggings (ad). This pattern was intended to be a more dressed up bottom, but I can’t seem to stop making them into workout leggings! That V-back and leg is just too fun! This time I modified the length to be cropped and I added a 3rd color block to the legs. The top is Gray Supplex followed by heathered gray circular knit and finally Coral Powernet. I also decided to use the Powernet on the outside of the waistband. The support is still there but the look of the Powernet is not hiding this time!


I have learned that there are no rules with sewing – play with patterns and fabrics to make your creations your own!


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