Titchy Threads Twisted Tank and HTV

A couple months ago I was on the mission for a new tank top for my son, while searching and trying a lot of different patterns I saw one similarity, bands! Yet every rtw one that I saw and liked didn’t have bands. Now, the twisted tank does have bands but I wondered how the fit would be if I left them off and that’s where I’m love affair with this quick sew blossomed. I have made tons in circular knit, rayon spandex and nylon spandex.

The tank top is pretty straight forward and I followed the instructions but when it came to bands, I just serged the neckline and armcye then folded under and topstitched. This one is made in white circular knit.

Easy breezy which leaves time to HTV!! So let’s discuss. I have stashed hologram HTV for a while and no clue what to use it for but I love it. The first image I cut was on regular pressure for iron-on vinyl, it wasn’t deep enough. Cut two, I used the glitter iron-on setting with high pressure, perfect! Remember that! I designed the image and started weeding. Most times I find myself cutting away the pieces as I’m peeling

This wedding tool is a life saver! I got it a while ago here

I apply after I cut the front shirt panel, use a layer of parchment paper, set up Cricut easy press at 350 for 30 seconds and do a cool peel. The easy press works great! My son is almost 4 and my biggest fear was him touching the huge heat press plates so when deciding on a heat press I chose this one. It has a base for it to rest on, easy to store and I don’t have to worry about any little fingers grabbing it.

and done within minutes.

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