A Fabric Fit for All

Today is a big day…my first blog post! Taking my social media sewing ramblings to new heights, lol!

Truthfully, I am excited for this challenge and next step in my sewing journey. I could not think of a better first topic than the one that brought me to sewing in the first place, my family. I began sewing when my son was around 8 months old. There were so many baby items that I found myself buying and thinking, “I could make this!” So I dusted off the 10 year old sewing machine I had never used before and tried. A few classes, 3 new machines and waaaaaay too much fabric later I find myself sewing daily and can’t imagine life without it.

About the fabric – finding fabric for myself has never been a challenge.

Exhibit A: (this is not all of it, we always find places to hide more )

But finding fabric for my husband and son has been a challenge for me. I tend to gravitate towards solids and neutral prints for them, and when I saw the Oatmeal Rayon Spandex from Phee Fabrics, I knew I had a winner for my two guys!

Not all fabric is created equal, and to that, not all Rayon Spandex is created equal. The rayon spandex from Phee Fabrics is an impressive 13 oz’s! It has a great textured pattern that adds to the look and gives more coverage than other light colored fabrics, a plus for my husband who doesn’t want to wear an undershirt in the hot, summer months.


I know there are several Mommy-and-Me sets and with Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted a Papa-and-Me set for my guys. I chose a tank top for my son. This time I used the Neverland Tee, which just got an update, to try out how this rayon spandex would work for bands. Major success! The weight gives it the stability I like from traditional Cotton Lycra bands but it is much softer and had plenty of stretch and great recovery. For Papa, a V-Neck was the request and I found the Berlin Tee from Toby K. Patterns. This one is loaded with options and turned out great as a V-Neck in the Oatmeal Rayon Spandex.

And of course mama had to have something…

The Open Back Pullover from Greenstyle is the layering piece I had been hoping for and the White Rayon Spandex gives enough coverage but is light enough for sweaty post workout wear. And since there is an open back, why not add another Phee fabric?!? Some White and Navy stripes in the latest pattern from Petite Stitchery & Co., the women’ Starbird Suit!

Just one big happy fabric family!

2 thoughts on “A Fabric Fit for All

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  2. Pingback: Let’s take it slooooowwww

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