Royal Blue Beauty

Posted by Heather Hawkins

Are you guys loving Phee Swim Week so far? I know I am! I love seeing all these beautiful women in their gorgeous swim suits! The idea of sewing swimwear can seem scary (just like posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet is!). But it doesn’t have to be! This Mama Camilla swim suit is only the second swimsuit I’ve sewn! Though, I do have a lot of experience sewing dancewear and gymnastics leotards.

Using quality fabrics will help your swimwear sewing go so much smoother and Phee Fabrics has a lot of quality fabric to choose from. For my suit I picked this gorgeous Royal Blue Circular Knit. I wanted to have fun with the color and try something different than the usual black bathing suit. I lined it with Nude lining which helps give a bit more coverage and makes the suit extra comfortable. Both the circular knit and lining feel great against your skin and are very smooth to the touch.

Circular knit is a great choice for sewing swim suits, not just because of its moisture wicking properties, but it’s easy to work with! It won’t curl and isn’t super slippery. I highly recommend using a rotary cutter instead of scissors to cut out your pattern pieces so you get a smoother edge (especially for the edge of the flounce as it’s not hemmed). I still like to use a lot of pins or clips while sewing just to keep my fabric right where I want it. And don’t be afraid to baste before stitching (especially if using a serger) to ensure everything is lined up.

Since this was my first time sewing the Mama Camilla I did sew a practice suit to make sure it was going to fit before using my good fabric. I found that even though I am shorter than the height the pattern was drafted for I liked the length without the ruching that the pattern calls for. I’m all torso and very short legs, which is why sewing my own swim suit is awesome! I can never find ready to wear one piece suits that don’t give me a wedgie!! So, what I’m trying to say is it’s a good idea to make a “muslin” and to try the suit on throughout the process. I did the same with the elastic lengths to be sure they were tight enough, but not too tight.

So, what are you waiting for? Order some delicious Phee Fabrics and get started on your swimsuit! You’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel in a great fitting, made by you swimsuit!!

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