Lining the Bridgette with powernet/techsheen

  This blog is focusing on the Made4Mermaids mama bridgette pattern. Powernet and techsheen are both materials that give stability and support which is perfect for lining bras. As the group has repeated many times, this is NOT meant to be a supportive bra, but seriously, a beautiful bralette in sizes for us who have HUGE milk pillows?!?!?! I’m all about it and unless I want this bralette to fit me like a girdle I will need to add support…..In comes powernet/techsheen.  Here’s how I create a clean lining on the racerback version.

1)  Cut 2 patterns, I do all the pieces. First with outer fabric, here I’m using white circular knit. Second with either powernet/techsheen, here I’m using white techsheen.

2) Right sides together serge the blue lines, leave top triangle and side open and both cups.

3) Serge both pieces, right sides together following the blue lines, leave out strap openings and bottom piece. Turn wrong sides together and topstitch same areas that you just serged.

4) Serge or baste, right sides together, the back piece, following the blue lines.

When open it will look like this

5) Insert bottom of the racerback in to the opening on the back piece, right sides together.

6) Serge the blue line.

7) Remember that wide opening from step 2 and the side opening from step 4? Great! Right sides together, opened up and serge.

8) Straps, the pattern is drafted to have a ‘V’ where the cups and straps meet, doing the step will remove the ‘V’.

Remember the opening near the straps in Step 2? Insert straps right sides together and turn the cups inside out. Top right picture shows the cups inside out with the straps inserted. Bottom right shows how much I serge off. Remember, when using fabrics other than galloon lace I like to add the straps into the back piece, figuring out what works for you would require a muslin, in the same fabric.

9) Topstitch around the rest of the pattern as one piece.

10) Finish up pattern following instructions.

Below is the video for the racerback:

Below is the video for the crossback:

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