Circular knits and why they’re amazing!

Phee Fabrics circular knit!

There is only one place you may purchase legitimate circular knit and that is from Phee Fabrics. I’ve often seen people post that they have “like” circular knits; but until you have touched, washed, sewn, and worn circular knits only then do you know there is nothing “like” the real thing!

Never heard of circular knit? Wow – you are really missing out on one of the best fabrics available!

Circular knit is:

Machine washable, dry on low heat

4 way stretch (I believe 60%)

Iron it on low – if you decide you really must iron; but honestly you don’t!

You can use HTV on all colors

Moisture wicking, water repellent, flame resistant

Antimicrobial (this mean it doesn’t “stink” when you sweat)

60” wide

Weight is 13.6 oz for black but varies by color (most fabric sellers don’t provide the weight but unless you have this you really don’t know what you are buying)

NOT SEE THROUGH!!! Circular knit is NOT sheer – even when wet!

Fabric content varies and contains nylon, poly,spandex

And…get this…the edges do not fray or ravel (hint hint….no hemming, no binding of the edges, etc. – unless of course you want to)

Phee Fabrics stocks it in many great  colors!

Circular knit is a knitting process that links circular stitches in a continuous chain. It yields uncommon strength and form-fitting ability for a variety of uses by alternating between single- and double-knit processes. It is the perfect fabric for shorts, rash guards, swim, shirts, and even evening wear (even a wedding dress has been made with white circular knit)! Circular knit is lightweight but NOT sheer.

I purchased several colors of circular knits from Phee Fabrics when I started sewing again last year but was afraid to cut into the fabric (it was beautiful)! After honing my skills, I was confident enough and I took the circular knit dive and now there is NO going back. OMG! This fabric is D.I.V.I.N.E.

Yesterday Greenstyle Creations recently announced their newest pattern, the Xpress Tank. This pattern is perfect for circular knits!

Greenstyle Creations teamed up with Phee Fabrics for this incredible tank! The Xpress tank is a one-piece pattern with two shoulder seams. Simple! That’s it! If you use Phee Fabrics circular knit, you don’t even need to hem it (yep, with circular knits the edges don’t fray at all)! What’s better? With the Xpress Tank, you get three back options and two neckline options.

I was fortunate to be one of the pattern testers. A pattern tester is one (or several) who make the pattern (without any deviations to the pattern instructions) and check for fit, sew-ability, pattern instructions, fabric compatibility, and more. Each pattern company tests differently. Greenstyle Creations takes great care in testing to ensure the fit is right-on for all sizes so that when you buy the pattern you may make it based upon your measurements and have a great fit with minimal…if any tweaks!  During the testing I made seven tanks (yep, 7 – I love the pattern that much)! Five rounded backs, two pointed backs, and one tie-back. Take a peek at the great Phee Fabrics options for and the Xpress tank!

Rounded back, high neckline (camo fabric from Phee Fabrics):

Pointed back, low neckline (black circular knit fabric from Phee Fabrics, GS Inspire red plaid leggings):

Plus you can dress it up! Put a sweater or jacket on and you’re ready!

Tie-back option, low neckline (GS Inspires made with Feathers from Phee Fabrics):

The total time to make this top is amazingly fast! With the circular knit you do not need to hem the edges, so that makes the total time about 5 minutes (that’s even faster than buying a RTW (ready-to-wear) top! On the heathered magenta circular knit, I decided to coverstitch the edges so this top took a little bit longer – all of 15 minutes!

To purchase the new Xpress Tank from Greenstyle Creations, click below on either link (aff link). The pattern is on sale for $8.50 through Sunday, Jan 28, 2018. On Monday, January 29th the tank will be regular price. Take Xpress action now!!

To purchase circular knit from Phee Fabrics, go to

magenta circular knit, camo nylon/spandex, black circular knit and coral nylon/spandex

I can’t wait to hear your comments about the circular knits! Please post and share your creations on Phee Fabrics FB page with the tag #PheeFabricsCircularKnit.

NOTE: This post is made using my own opinions and without compensation. As a tester, Greenstyle Creations provided the pattern to me. If you decide to purchase the pattern from my aff link above, I would be eligible to earn a nominal incentive. All Phee Fabrics were purchased by me at regular prices or discounted prices available to the general public.

Why do I do this – to help you become aware of how fabulous the fabric is from Phee Fabrics.

Stay tuned for the next post!

Grab your circular knit now and let’s SEW!

Mary Cheddie

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